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Highly Recommended Games
Beyond Balderdash
See who can make up the most convincing explanations or definitions for dates, acronyms, uncommon terms, movies, and people. Best for 4 to 6 individuals.
Christmas Lore & Legend
Holiday entertainment year after year. Lots of fun and informative too. Multiple choice questions and unique scoring system give everyone a chance to win. Best with 3 to 5 players or teams.
A bit of this and a little of that keeps everybody interested. Challenges include drawing with eyes shut, spelling backwards, trivia knowledge, and even sculpting with clay.
Charades at warp speed. See how many words you can mime before the cards disappear. Best with 2 teams of at least 3 players each.
Given a category, a team shouts out items that fit. But will they be the items sought? Rowdy fun for 6 or more players.
It's not how well you draw, it's how fast you draw and how well you guess.. The more players the better. For a crazy and intense game, forget the timer and have all teams compete every round.
Get your team to guess the desired word, but don't say any of the synonyms on the card. Challenging fun for 2 teams of any number.
Players try to guess the common bond among three items, people, etc. Deduction is more important than knowledge. Best with at least 3 players or teams.

A History of Playing Cards:
And a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming

by Catherine Perry Hargrave

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How to play the most popular and fun card games, billiards games, and "parlor" games. Best games for various numbers of players. Fascinating facts and curiosities. An essential reference for every recreation room, activity room, college dorm, retirement center, card club, and billiard room. No space taken up by arcane games that are rarely played -- just the most entertaining in an easy-to-find and fun-to-read book.. Includes exclusive rules for Cheer!, Finesse, and Syn.
Makes a great gift or
Christmas stocking stuffer.

Includes Finesse
The most fun four people can have at a card table!
Easy to learn, yet endlessly challenging to play.

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"The Holiday Game That's Almost As Much Fun
As Opening Presents"