"Most organized religion in the U.S. is rooted in a tradition that links man's body with evil, physical pleasures with sin, and pits man's mind and soul against the devil of the flesh."
                    — H.M. Hefner
Ψ Survival Case Studies: The most convincing evidence
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Ψ Articles on promoters of the Most Insidious Lies
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Ψ Biographies of Psi Workers
Ψ Impact Issues (Views worth considering on subjects peripheral to our purpose.)
Abortion Resolution? ♦ Unnatural Sex?
♦ Social Impact of Rebirth ♦ Transgender Considerations
♦ Social Impact of Proof ♦ Flush My Ashes
♦ A Twinkle in Time ♦ Hawking Cross-Examination
The Soul-Network Similie ♦ Second Amendment 'Rights'

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