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Our Purpose

The purpose of Rational Spiritism is to encourage all people to practice kindness, integrity, tolerance, forgiveness, and joyfulness. To accomplish this, we work to demolish myths and untruths that political and religious organizations have long employed to subjugate, restrict, and impoverish humankind. By doing so, we aim to free our human spirits to experience the pleasure, the joy, the glory, and the growth which is our birthright as experiential units of the Universal Consciousness.

Our Name

Rational because we advance fact-based reason against faith-based assaults on human liberty.
Spiritism because we acknowledge the existence and impact of a spirit essence that exists within and without the physical body.

Other terms are defined HERE.

The Important Difference

There are several organizations that promote personal freedoms and fight against tyranny, religious and otherwise. Also, there are a few groups that seek to spread the truth about the existence of the soul and the spirit realms that await us after our physical lives come to an end. As a melding of these two functions, Rational Spiritism stands alone. Our fight against despots and busybodies is firmly grounded in the lessons taught by the most tested and respected of spirit communicators.

This unique perspective takes the power of the spirit away from religious zealots and aligns it on the side of human rights. Simultaneously, it provides a non-atheistic option to those who oppose religious tyranny.

Your Questions Answered

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