About Us
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What we stand for is the elimination of certain practices stemming from widespread acceptance of false premises.

The practices we work to eliminate (our “Defining Issues”) include:

  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender
  • Attempts to use governmental powers to promote religious purposes
  • Tyrannical control using guilt and shame
  • Censorship
  • Restrictions on intimate interactions among adults
  • Laws dictating when and how the human body requires concealment
  • Media practices that create anxiety for profit

All of which violate our “Core Principles” of Compassion, Honesty, Tolerance, Forgiveness, and Joy.

Who We Are

Spirits at Play is neither a religion nor a political party, just a group of people knit together by their shared understanding of the world and what might be done to improve it. We employ a combination of libertarian and spiritual approaches that sets us apart from other organizations.

We encourage open, accepting attitudes; we do not promote any particular lifestyle.

Any more elaborate organizational structure awaits evidence that our goals are shared by large numbers of people who care enough to join with us. For now, membership is free to all who sign-up for e-mail updates. [send to]