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For those who know the spirit world but abhor religious tyranny.

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For those who know the spirit world but abhor religious tyranny.

Love God, Reject Religion

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Lie of the Month

Mankind is in need of salvation.

     This may be the most controlling of all “The Most Insidious Lies,” as it takes all power away from the individual and gives it to the church/priest. Essentially, it says that all people were born defective in the eyes of their Creator, and there is nothing they can do on their own to make up for their deficiencies, except to beg forgiveness and do whatever their religion dictates.

      Even though it is preposterous on its surface, this lie is so ingrained in our society that its negative influence has continued unabated for many millennia.

      The following text sheds some light on the origins of “original sin.” . . . . [read more]

Case of the Month

The Policeman and the Painter

Case #19: Undergoing hypnotic regression on a dare, a very skeptical, long-time police officer is startled to find himself a painter in front of an easel studying a picture of a hunchback woman. After unsuccessfully searching for the picture for months, he stumbles across it in an obscure art gallery when visiting New Orleans. Further research was to reveal that the artist's career 100 years ago, matched the details from the regression sessions in at least 28 particulars. [read more]

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Worth Repeating This Month
"I have since seen them for myself — whole communities still exercising their old Earthly religion. The bigotry and prejudices are all there, religiously speaking. They do no harm, except to themselves, since such matters are confined to themselves. There is no such thing as making converts here!"
— Anthony Borgia, Life In the World Unseen, 1954.
“Your mind cannot possibly understand God. Your heart already knows.” Emmanuel's Book

This Month's Recommended Reading

Book Cover America's War on Sex: The Continuing Attack on Law, Lust, and Liberty, by Marty Klein, Ph.D.
Why does our government want to censor what you read, hear, and see, try to limit your access to contraception, attempt to legislate good moral values, and try to brainwash your kids about abstinence? These are the kinds of questions Dr. Marty Klein asks―and answers. With hundreds of examples ripped from today's headlines, he names names, challenges political hypocrisy, and shows the financial connections between government and conservative religious groups that are systematically taking away your rights.
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Book CoverThe Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena, Dean Radin, Ph.D.
This myth-shattering book explains the evidence for the veracity of psychic phenomena, uniting the teachings of mystics, the theories of quantum physics, and the latest in high-tech experiments. With painstaking research and deft, engaging prose, Radin dispels the misinformation and superstition that have clouded the understanding of scientists and laypeople alike concerning a host of fascinating oddities.
Book CoverThe Light of Other Days
—Arthur C. Clarke
A unique and most inventive tale of what happens when a brilliant industrialist harnesses the cutting edge of quantum physics to enable people everywhere, at trivial cost, to see one another at all times: around every corner, through every wall, into everyone's most private, hidden, and even intimate moments. It amounts to the sudden and complete abolition of human privacy— forever. Then, as society reels, the same technology proves able to look backwards in time as well. Nothing can prepare us for what this means. It is a fundamental change in the terms of the human condition.
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June 4-7, 2020. Title: Exploring the Science and Spirit of Death and Beyond. Where: Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sponsor: The Afterlife Awareness Conference. [details here]

June 16-19, 2020. Title: 2020 Vision: Looking Forward. Where: Durham, North Carolina, USA. Sponsor: The Parapsychological Association and the Society for Scientific Exploration [see details]

August 6-9, 2020. Title: Sexual Freedom Summit. Where: Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Sponsor: Woodhull Freedom Foundation. [details here]

September 3-6, 2020. Title: 20/20 Vision: GPS and Divine Guidance from the Light. Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Sponsor: International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) [see details]

September 13-15, 2020. Title: AU National Advocacy Summit. Where: Washington, DC. Sponsor Americans United for Separation of Church and State. [details here]

November 13-15, 2020. Title: 43rd FFRF National Convention. Where: San Antonio, Texas, USA. Sponsor: Freedom From Religion Foundation. [details here]


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