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No updates have been made to this section for the month of April due to the time andd effort involved in moving the location of our offices.

Monthly Features

Lie of the Month

You only live once..

     The idea of souls living numerous lifetimes in different physical bodies has never been popular with those who seek to control and subjugate the populace via threats of eternal damnation and other fearsome denouements. And so, both Christian and Islamic priests and politicians have long sought to repress belief in reincarnation and promote, instead, the lie that each of us only lives once. . . . . [read more]

Article of the Month

How Scientific Proof of Survival Would Affect Society

“Would capital punishment end if we learned that the criminal survives, or would it become a more humane punishment for criminals? The possibilities and the unintended consequences of these simple modifications to science that would directly affect society are both earth-shaking and mind-boggling.” 
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Case of the Month

Evidence by the Book

Case #11: The control of a famous medium tells a researcher that his deceased father has devised a test to show that the medium is not just reading minds. The son is directed to go to his bookshelf and select the fifth book from the left and look at the third line from the top of page 17. The selection perfectly answers a question that was discussed at the sessions.  [read more]

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Worth Repeating This Month
“Some seem to feel that a happy, even frisky and romantic attitude toward life, and a savoring of its material pleasures, preclude seriousness, work, sensibility, a viable aesthetic. In our book this position is untenable. It belongs with such other evidences of semantic dysfunction as the unreasoning suspicion that medicine can't be good for you if it doesn't taste bad." — Hugh M. Hefner
"Psychic communication would seem to point to the inter-connectedness of all facets of our experiences, which is the most important of all conclusions." — Bishop James Pike

This Month's Recommended Reading

These items are recommended as sources of valuable information and insights. We believe them to be largely accurate and useful. Thy do not, however, necessarily represent the offical position or worldview of Rational Spiritism.
Book CoverThe Profits of Religion — Upton Sinclair
An expose of the abuses of American religious institutions circa 1918. Although some refrences will be unfamiliar to contempory audiences, Sinclair's revelations and warnings are even more pertinent today. A Pulitzer Prize winning author of nearly 100 books and booklets, Sinclair was a dedicated crusader who had major impacts on our society.
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Book CoverThe Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death — Gary Schwartz
Risking his academic reputation, Dr. Gary E. Schwartz asked well-known mediums to become part of a series of experiments to prove, or disprove, the existence of an afterlife. This riveting narrative, with electrifying transcripts, documents stringently monitored experiments in which mediums attempted to contact dead friends and relatives of "sitters" who were masked from view and never spoke, depriving the mediums of any cues. Here are the results that awed sitters and researchers alike.
Book CoverThe Light of Other Days
—Arthur C. Clarke
A unique and most inventive tale of what happens when a brilliant industrialist harnesses the cutting edge of quantum physics to enable people everywhere, at trivial cost, to see one another at all times: around every corner, through every wall, into everyone's most private, hidden, and even intimate moments. It amounts to the sudden and complete abolition of human privacy— forever. Then, as society reels, the same technology proves able to look backwards in time as well. Nothing can prepare us for what this means. It is a fundamental change in the terms of the human condition.


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