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“The single most accurate predictor of whether a person voted for Donald trump in the 2016 election was not religion, wealth, education, or even political party; it was believing the United States is and should be a Christian nation.” — Andrew L. Seidel, The Founding Myth, p. 5.

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Case of the Month

Ex-Actor Makes Comeback

Case #79: Young men and women leaving small towns in the Midwest and heading for Hollywood in search of fame and fortune are common subjects in novels and movie scripts – a few actually do become rich and famous. Marty Kolinsky seems to have found even greater fame by reversing the process and leaving Hollywood for a small town in Oklahoma … and all he had to do was die.  [read more]

Article of the Month

The Once and Future Cat

Of all the puzzles of the universe that tantalize the human mind, the most perplexing to me is prophecy. How can anyone sense events that haven’t happened? Personally, I’d like to think that accurate fortune telling is impossible. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always proceed the way I’d like. To my cognitive discomfort, I cannot ignore reports of events such as the following. [Read full article.]

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“I began to turn … to seek the Light, knowing that if I felt pain because of lack of Light, then there must be Light. If darkness were my natural home, I would be comfortable there.” Emmanuel's Book, p.38.

This Month's Recommended Reading
These items are recommended as sources of valuable information and insights. We believe them to be largely accurate and useful. Thy do not, however, necessarily represent the offical position or worldview of Rational Spiritism.
Book CoverPriests & Politicians: The Mafia of the Soul
—Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh [OSHO]

A very controversial author, saying many important things that few others dare say. Actually, the title is the best, and most succint, synopsis.
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Book CoverThe Articulate Dead —Michael E. Tymn
A finely written book by an experienced and sincere researcher.  Tymn examines several of the best mediums of yesteryear and the scientific research surrounding them. Most convoncing.
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Book CoverThe Star Rover —Jack London
Based on the real-life saga of Ed Morrell, this Jack London novel — written in 1915 — tells how a falsely imprisoned man overcomes terrible tortures and ultimately triumphs via out-of-body experiences and the re-living of past lives. Absolutely fascinating.

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smile The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed that the Navy has the right to refuse to deploy unvaccinated SEALs and personnel who claim religious objections. [Read details.]

frown The Idaho Governor has signed into law an extreme abortion ban, even while expressing significant concerns with its unintended consequences. [Read details.]

smile Planned Parenthood Federation of America has received a record-breaking donation of $275 million from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. [Read details.]

frown The city of Sparta Tennessee retains its anti-blasphemy ordinances, despite recent Congressional resolutions calling for a global repeal of blasphemy laws.[Read details.]

frown Killer released early from Indiana prison in exchange for Bible study. [Read details.]


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