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Person of the Month

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😔 The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has annonced the filing of its 400th legal action against President Trump.  [See details.]

🙂 The U.S. District Court in South Carolina has ruled that the lawsuit, Aimee Maddonna v. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, may proceed. The case was filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State on behalf of Aimee Maddonna, a Catholic mother of three from Simpsonville, S.C., who was turned away from helping children in foster care by a taxpayer-funded agency solely because she is Catholic – the “wrong” religion for the evangelical Christian Miracle Hill Ministries.” [See details.]

👿 On August 26, the Trump Administration asked the Supreme Court to reinstate a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy that unnecessarily subjects patients to COVID-19 risks in order to access safe and legal medication abortion during the pandemic. The FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) restrictions on mifepristone mandate that patients pick up mifepristone directly from a doctor’s office, hospital, or other health center — rather than from a pharmacy or mail as they could for other equally safe medications. [Read details.]

Monthly Features

Lie of the Month

The Bible is a holy book.

A quote from American patriot, Thomas Paine:
     “Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind …." [read more]

Article of the Month

Let Them Eat Fish

 I’ve often heard people claim that: “You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” … And yes, I swallowed and regurgitated it myself, many times — back when my rational thinking was overcome by dreams of easy riches. Those days are past, however, and some hitherto ignored factors have come to the fore. There actually are numerous reasons why teaching a man to fish can be a waste of both your time and his.… [read more]

Case of the Month

Keeping Them in the Family

Case #77:  Florence Pollock has the possibly unique distinction of giving birth eight times to six children.  . . .  [read more]

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Worth Repeating This Month
"Kids don’t abstain — whether they think sex is dangerous or not; whether they make public pledges or not; whether they think God will be mad at them or not. Over 90 percent of Americans have sex before marriage. The only question is whether they will have it in a physically and emotionally healthy environment. The goal of abstinence programs is to ensure they won’t."
— Sex Educator, Dr. Marty Klein
“The Earth plane was created more or less as a body for God to express himself through. … God does not work for you, God works through you." — MacPherson, via Ryerson

This Month's Recommended Reading
These books are recommended as sources of valuable information and insights. We believe them to be largely accurate and useful. Thy do not, however, necessarily represent the offical position or worldview of Rational Spiritism.
Book CoverGod Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything — Christopher Hitchens
The title of this book must have been added by some dunce in the marketing department — being human, the author is clearly unqualified to judge what God is or isn't. But the subtitle is absolutely accurate. Christopher Hitchens was an atheist who had no understanding of spirituality, yet his book is highly recommended for all readers because it thoroughly and clearly reveals the true and fearsome nature of organized religions.
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Book CoverEmmanuel's Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos
—Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton
Both insightful and joyful, this "underground classic" remains relevant and important today. Keep it nearby, for an inspirational boost anytime of day. Makes a great gift for someone you truly care about.
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Continuous Sexual Freedom Virtual Summit. Sponsor: Woodhull Freedom Foundation. [details here]

September 14-15, 2020. Title: AU National Advocacy Summit. Where: VIRTUAL. Sponsor: Americans United for Separation of Church and State. [details here]

June 9-12, 2021 REPLACES June 16-19, 2020. Title: 2020 Vision: Looking Forward. Where: Durham, North Carolina, USA. Sponsor: The Parapsychological Association and the Society for Scientific Exploration [see details]

November 19-21, 2021. Title: 44th FFRF National Convention. Where: Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Sponsor: Freedom From Religion Foundation. [details here]


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