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Person of the Month

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👿 The Trump administration funneled billions of Coronavirus Relief Funds into private Schools. Now, they want more.  [See details.]

🙂 For the time being, downloads of Psychic News magazine are avaiaable at no cost. [See details.]

🙂 There are ZOOM meetings on a variety of topics related to psi and the afterlife currently open to new members. Several can be accessed HERE. If you are hosting one, let us know via e-mail HERE and we will post a notice.

🙂 The Trump administration has officially abandoned its policy of preventing young immigrants in its custody from accessing abortion care. On September 29th, in response to an ACLU lawsuit, the administration adopted a new policy that prohibits Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) staff and staff employed by any ORR-funded shelter from blocking or interfering with unaccompanied pregnant minors’ access to abortion. [Read details.]

Monthly Features

Lie of the Month

The Devil made you do it.

     In 1970, comedian Flip Wilson popularized the character Geraldine Jones, whose catch phrase “The Devil made me do it!” is often repeated to this day. Although that phrase is usually tossed off in a joking manner, the idea of satanic influence in human affairs is no laughing matter. As the ultimate bogyman, the image of a King of Hell is employed to terrify the ignorant and the weak-minded into submitting to the will of tyrants and Bible salesmen throughout Western culture.. . . . . [read more]

Article of the Month

Clarifying the Abortion Muddle

. . . Today’s abortion firestorm was ignited in 1979 when ”Right to Life” was adopted as a rallying cry by religious leaders to camouflage their battles with the IRS. They rightly felt that calls to protect the “unborn” would be more palatable to moderate Christians than pleas to shield their segregated academies from losing tax-exempt status — which was their true goal.  . . .  [read more]

Case of the Month

The ‘Deadicated’ Reporter

Case #66:  He wasn't much of a journalist when he was alive. … His death didn't improve his technique.  . . .  [read more]

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Worth Repeating This Month
"You and I may not have the power to bring about sensational happenings, but at least we can, in our small way, help in the furtherance of the knowledge that there are vast horizons quite beyond our perception, stretching limitless into the infinite."
— F.W.H. Myers via G. Cummins
“One may bask at the warm fire of faith or choose to live in the bleak uncertainty of reason — but one cannot have both."
— Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

This Month's Recommended Reading
These items are recommended as sources of valuable information and insights. We believe them to be largely accurate and useful. Thy do not, however, necessarily represent the offical position or worldview of Rational Spiritism.
Book CoverCrop Circles: Crossover from Another Dimension—VIDEO — Terje Toftenes
If you think that crop circles are all done by a few guys with boards on their feet — think again! The most incredible, incomprehensible,  and unnatural  occurrences ever ignored by mainstream scientists  are thoroughly documented in this must-see video.
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Book CoverLooking for Carroll Beckwith
—Robert L. Snow
The commander of a big city's Homocide Department, hard-nosed policeman Robert Snow, only underwent hypnotic regression on a dare. He certainly didn't expect to end of living through one of the most evidential reincarnation cases ever documented.
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Book Cover The Handmaid's Tale: A look at what life could be like for women of child-bearing age in a country overthrown by Bible-wielding autocrats. Elegantly written in a manner rarely achieved. Somewhat depressing and very scary. Don’t think it can’t happen here.

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Continuous Sexual Freedom Virtual Summit. Sponsor: Woodhull Freedom Foundation. [details here]

June 9-12, 2021 REPLACES June 16-19, 2020. Title: 2020 Vision: Looking Forward. Where: Durham, North Carolina, USA. Sponsor: The Parapsychological Association and the Society for Scientific Exploration [see details]

November 19-21, 2021. Title: 44th FFRF National Convention. Where: Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Sponsor: Freedom From Religion Foundation. [details here]


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