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is to demolish myths and untruths that political and religious organizations have long employed to subjugate, repress, and impoverish humankind. By doing so, Spirits at Play aims to free our human spirits to experience the pleasure, the joy, the glory, and the growth which is our birthright as experiential units of the Universal Consciousness.

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smile October 29 — The U.S. District Court in Montgomery, Alabama, has granted a preliminary injunction, blocking an extreme law that would have banned abortion in nearly all instances and threatened doctors with up to 99 years in prison for performing an abortion. This harmful ban, slated to go into effect on November 15, would have blocked abortion access for nearly one million women of reproductive age in Alabama.   [read more]
neutral Conference Announcement — When: November 15-17, 2019. Title: AT ONE International Festival. Where: Suzhou, China. Sponsor: The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) [see details]
frown October 24 — The famous photographer Oliviero Toscani has been convicted of blasphemy and fined €4000 for comparing the Catholic Church to a masochist club. [read more]
smile October 22 — The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court’s ruling in California v. Azar, blocking Trump administration rules that would allow employers and universities to deny their employees and students health-insurance coverage for contraceptive care.   [read more]
frown October 16 — In Nashville Tennessee, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a “speech” that was — for all intents and purposes — a Christian sermon. Addressing an association of Christian counselors, Secretary Pompeo discussed how to be a good Christian leader, quoting scripture and urging audience members to conduct themselves in accordance with his interpretation of biblical tenets. He also commandeered State Department resources to advertise his sermon in advance, broadcast it live, and disseminate a video of it afterward using the State Department’s official social media channels and website. [read more]
frown October 14 — Speaking at Notre Dame's law school, Attorney General William Barr blames 'secular society' for drug overdoses, violence, and poor mental health.  [read report] Secular coalition responds: "If left unchecked, the Trump Administration will continue to make Christian Nationalism the law of the land, marginalizing and oppressing every non-Christian American in the process." [read more]
frown October 9 — The Scotland County, NC, sheriff's office has issued a new policy on cohabitation. The policy change makes it against the rules for any employee to live with another employee of the office unless "officially married according to the law and word of God." [ [read more]
smile October 4 — The U.S. Supreme Court announced it will review Louisiana’s Act 620, an abortion restriction nearly identical to one of the Texas restrictions struck down by the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt just three years ago. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, which heard the nearly identical Texas law, blatantly disregarded Supreme Court precedent when it upheld Louisiana’s abortion restriction in September 2018. [read more]
frown October 3 — Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has placed a video on his official government social-media page showing him at his desk, with a bible in front of him, promoting “Bring Your Bible to School Day.” He proclaims that "The Judeo-Christian principles that are bound in this book are timeless, containing an amazing amount of history, knowledge, wisdom and guidance… Bring it. Read it. Share it. #WeAreKY" [read more]
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Lie of the Month

It Ain’t Natural!

     “Nothing about your body or its functions is either dirty or sinful. … Deny your physical body expression of which it is capable and you will suffer.” … But, sin or not, aren’t lesbians, gays, and swingers performing “unnatural” acts? Numerous self-appointed moralists have claimed that such creativity should be condemned in man because it does not occur in nature. They have been misinformed. … [read more]

Worth Repeating This Month
RELIGION “All good stories deserve embellishment.” ” — Gandalf the Grey
CULTURE "Ultimately, of course, the case for sexual freedom is the same as the case for any other kind of freedom — political, social, or religious: liberty releases and fulfills human potentialities, while restriction cramps and distorts them." — Roger W. Wescott, Ph.D., in The Realist
MIND & SPIRIT "Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” — Niels Bohr, Physicist
WISDOM "I meet some who are absolutely lost and in total outer darkness because of a false theological training. Such go wandering and moaning about in search of a personal God seated on a great white throne, and their Savior, the only begotten Son of God, sitting at the right hand of God; and great convoys of angels flying in the midst of the heavens and round about the great white throne, with golden harps in their hands. From the time they were born until they reached the hour of death they never knew or heard or dreamed of any possible different condition to meet them in the great beyond. These are the hardest of all cases to be led to the real and saving truth and light." — Aber and Nixon, Beyond the Vail, 1906.

This Month's Recommended Reading

Book CoverThe Rise of Christianity — Rodney Stark
Combining his expertise in social science with historical evidence, Stark finds that early Christianity attracted the privileged rather than the poor; that most early converts were women or marginalized Jews; and ultimately that Christianity was a success because it provided those who joined it with a more appealing, more assuring, happier, and perhaps longer life.
Book CoverThe Star Rover — Jack London
Based on the real-life saga of Ed Morrell, this Jack London novel — written in 1915 — tells how a falsely imprisoned man overcomes terrible tortures and ultimately triumphs via out-of-body experiences and the re-living of past lives. Absolutely fascinating.
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Book CoverIf This Be Magic: The Forgotten Power of Hypnosis — Guy Lyon Playfair
Whatever you think about hypnosis, you are almost certainly wrong! Here is a book by an investigative journalist that lays out all the facts clearly, calmly, and convincingly. The reader is bound to be entertained, enlightened, and surprised.
Book CoverSpirit Communication: The Soul's Path
— Kevin Ryerson
This is one of my top-ten channelled books. Great advice, unusual insights, and loving reassurance from a most wise source. The only trouble is that it is out of print and may be difficult to locate at a reasonable price.
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