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Our Goal:
is to demolish myths and untruths that political and religious organizations have long employed to subjugate, repress, and impoverish humankind. By doing so, Spirits at Play aims to free our human spirits to experience the pleasure, the joy, the glory, and the growth which is our birthright as experiential units of the Universal Consciousness.

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smile November 21 — In response to a law suit, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has dropped its chaplaincy program. Participants had to be ordained or licensed clergy in good standing of a faith group; yet they weren’t required to be professional mental health providers.   [read more]
smile November 20 — The mayor of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, has agreed to cease sending taxpayers' money to support programs of the Chapel Valley Church, which had been granted $10,000. [read more]
smile November 19 — U.S. District Judge William Alsup has declared unlawful the Denial of Care Rule and followed two other federal judges in blocking it from going into effect. [read more]
smile November 18 — An Arkansas public school has consented to cease demanding that players on the basketball team pledge that religion is the top priority in their lives (followed by family, school, and sports).  [read more]
smile November 15 — Racine County, Wisconsin has finally stopped giving tens of thousands of dollars to the Youth For Christ group each year. Initially, the county defended its funding of the group, stating that “Racine County believes in a comprehensive and holistic approach to rehabilitation and knows that individual success is based upon all seven dimensions of wellness — spiritual wellness being one of those components.” It is unconstitutional for the county to use taxpayer funds to fund religious activities, even if described as providing “spiritual wellness.” [read more]
smile November 15 — The Center for Medical Progress has been found guilty of manufacturing a discredited campaign against Planned Parenthood, breaking multiple state and federal laws in their efforts to bar access to reproductive health care. The jury ruled in Planned Parenthood’s favor on each of its claims, including finding that the defendants violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and engaged in fraud, trespass, breach of contract, and illegal secret recording. [see details]
frown November 14 — The U.S. Senate voted to confirm Trump nominee “ethnonationalist” Steven Menashi for a lifetime seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, putting him in a prime position to rule on cases regarding our health and rights at a time when attacks on abortion, reproductive health care, and immigrant communities are on the rise. [read more]
smile November 7 — A U.S. District judge in the Southern District of New York has blocked a rule that would have allowed health care workers to refuse to treat patients under the guise of religious freedom. [read more]
frown November 6 — Report claims that Vice President Pence has been pressuring U.S. aid workers to re-route monies from secular groups to Christian groups in foreign countries. Jobs are threatened for uncooperative employees. [read more]
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Lie of the Month

Virginity is a sacred state.

     Presented in the manner of The Survival Files, as a conversation held mostly between an acolyte and his mentor, this article covers several difficulties with the Christian nativity narrative, The myth about the virgin birth remains a nefarious influence to this day. . … [read more]

Worth Repeating This Month
RELIGION “Where questions of religion are concerned, people are guilty of every possible sort of dishonesty and intellectual misdemeanor.” — Sigmund Freud
CULTURE "Pornographic novels were novels about the things primates enjoy most, namely sexual acrobatics. They were taught to feel ashamed of these natural primate impulses so that they would be guilty-furtive-submissive types and easy for the alpha males to manipulate."— Robert Anton Wilson
MIND & SPIRIT "The materialist is more concerned with preserving ideology than discovering empirical truth, and is quite happy to ignore an incredibly large body of empirical data that proves his ideology false." ” — Neal Grossman
WISDOM "Your mind cannot possibly understand God. Your heart already knows." — Emmanuel.

This Month's Recommended Reading

Book CoverThe Bible Tells Me So:Uses and Abuses of Holy Scripture — Hill and Cheadle
A study of the Bible's often contradictory role in human morality demonstrates how the Bible has been used throughout history as a tool to justify harmful control, superiority, discrimination, and murder.
Book CoverWhen Santa Was a Shaman — Tony van Renterghem
This work explores the origins of Santa Claus, going back to prehistoric times and man's earliest concepts of religion. It analyzes how ancient myths from countries as diverse as Britain, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain and Africa were adapted, sanitized and commercialized in modern times.
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Book CoverJourney of Souls — Michael Newton
"Past lives" is a term that refers to one life on Earth following another life on Earth. Dr. Newton developed a new (time-consuming and tedious, but highly effective) technique that allows a psychotherapist to acesss a patients' memories of the time spent between physical lives. There is amazing consistency among the various cases he reports in this book.
Book CoverThe Agashan Discourses
— William Eisen, ed.
This is one of my favorite channelled books. Don't let the unusual name and strange-looking cover prevent you from benefiting from its wisdom.
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