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Person of the Month

Maurice Barbanell

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😐 As expected, organizations such as ACLU, Americans United, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation are giving the incoming administration lots of advice and suggestions an how it might rectify the negative effects the Trump presidency has had on personal, sexual, and religious freedoms.

👿 We all need to be aware of Justice Samuel Alito’s speech, on November 12th, which the FFRF called "the screed of an embittered, embattled minority fighting against the overwhelming majority. It highlights a central problem this country will face moving forward. Most Americans are not so conservative. Alito’s views are increasingly unpopular. He espouses the views of the conservative white, male, Christian Nationalist demographic. [Read details.]

👿 Read why the Supreme Court's ruling against New York's Health Order undermines religious freedom and public health. [See details.]

🤓 Calendar Note: The Parapsychological Association will host the online symposium Advances in Mediumship Research on February 27, 2021. [Go to Call for Papers]

Monthly Features

Lie of the Month

Virginity is a sacred state.

     Presented in the manner of The Survival Files, as a conversation held mostly between an acolyte and his mentor, this article covers several difficulties with the Christian nativity narrative, The myth about the virgin birth remains a nefarious influence to this day. … [read details]

Article of the Month

Ben Franklin on Death

". . . We are spirits. That bodies should be lent us, while they can afford us pleasure, assist us in acquiring knowledge, or doing good to our fellow creatures, is a kind and benevolent act of God — when they become unfit for these purposes and afford us pain instead of pleasure — instead of an aid, become an incumbrance and answer none of the intentions for which they were given, it is equally kind and benevolent that a way is provided by which we may get rid of them.  . . ."  [read more]

Case of the Month

Granddaughter Jerri's Watch

Case #32: Despite her recent demise, grandma manages the perfect Christmas gift!  . . .  [read more]

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Worth Repeating This Month
"I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as fraud.” — Carl Jung
“The Church anchored its ship sixteen hundred years ago, and the capstan has rusted up. It shirks the issue, and will not openly examine and pronounce upon the mass of evidence which exists on the subject of the future life." — Hugh Dowding

This Month's Recommended Reading
These items are recommended as sources of valuable information and insights. We believe them to be largely accurate and useful. Thy do not, however, necessarily represent the offical position or worldview of Rational Spiritism.
Book CoverWhen Santa Was a Shaman — Tony van Renterghem
This work explores the origins of Santa Claus, going back to prehistoric times and man's earliest concepts of religion. It analyzes how ancient myths from countries as diverse as Britain, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, and Africa were adapted, sanitized and commercialized in modern times.
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Book CoverMindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind — Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.
A possibly unique book that is scrupulously researched and well-documented. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that blind people, even if blind since birth, can sometimes see colors, objects, and physical scenes during stressful "out-of-body" experiences. Such an ability strongly supports the existence of an astral body.
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