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A quote from George Carlin:

"I love individuals.
I hate groups of people.
I hate a group of people with a common purpose.
'Cause pretty soon they have little hats, you know,
and arm bands, and fight songs.
And a list of people they're going to visit at 3 a.m."

Spirits at Play does hope to change the world, but only via peaceful dissemination of the truth. We pledge not to take ourselves too seriously. We'll never have an enemies list or a fight song although we do sort of like the hat idea.

For now, "joining" simply means getting on our mailing list and is an indication of your support of the goal of Spirits at Play.  There is no contract involved; you may, of course, drop your membership at any time. To join, please provide the requested information and click the "JOIN SaP" button below. (We do not sell or otherwise share personal information about our members.)
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