Most Insidious Lies
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"Most organized religion in the U.S. is rooted in a tradition that links man's body with evil, physical pleasures with sin, and pits man's mind and soul against the devil of the flesh."
                — H.M. Hefner

Untruths that have corrupted civilization, stifled creativity, encouraged fear, and ruined lives since the beginning of recorded time. These have proven to be major stumbling blocks to the achievement of progress, peace, and human dignity. We call these "insidious" because their wide influence often goes unnoticed and the turmoil they cause often is blamed on other causes.

     The prime goal of Spirits at Play is to expose these lies and free mankind from their bonds.

     The acceptance of most of these lies depends on distortions and misconceptions about what happens after death. So, convincing the public that the human personality does, indeed, survive the demise of the physical body is a key part of our efforts.

1. It is a sin to speak with spirits.x

2. Mankind is in need of salvation.x

3. The physical is inherently inferior to the spiritual.x

4. The Devil made you do it. x

5. You only live once.x

6. It ain't natural!x

7. The Bible is a holy book.x

8. Virginity is a sacred state.x

9. The end justifies the means.x